Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Doth I Tweet Too Much?

Today sitting at my desk I overheard a colleague of mine complaining that a certain high street retailer had updated their twitter feed - or tweeted – “three times in the past six minutes!!”

When I asked him why this was important, (thinking it may have just been a mere inconvenience seeing their avatar on his feed in three consecutive comments). He replied 'they have no visible strategy' and went on to complain that they seem to update 'whenever the feel like it'.

The point of this blog is in no way to suggest that strategies are an archaic marketing tradition that has no room in today's modern and dare I say it vastly online market, but to highlight that in these changing times spontaneity and 'off the cuff' micro-blogging are actually an acceptable part of personifying the brand and can go a long way to building relations with fans, followers and friends (previously known as ‘advocates’).

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